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English Language FAQ

Q & A covering grammar, vocabulary, origins, modern usage and many other language related topics. Includes Word of the Day and ELT materials for teachers & students of English. Some posts include embedded audio, video, printable texts & worksheets. There are also links to external learning resources and sources for further research. Comments, corrections and suggestions all very welcome. Have fun!

Popular Posts

How many French words have entered English? More than 33% of all English words come directly or indirectly from French. English speakers w…

What is a spelling bee? Spelling bees or competitions are very popular in the USA. Young people take part in local and regional tournaments to qualify for the …

  • What is the King’s Speech?This may seem obvious but in British English it has a precise meaning which is slightly confused by the film title.  See this definit…
  • What is ‘mission creep’?Originating in Somalia in 1993, the modern term “mission creep” became part of official U.S. Army vocabulary a decade later. Field Manual 3-…
  • What is the difference between satire and parody? Satirical magazine This can be complex, as this explanation suggests: Satire can be termed as humour and anger combined toge…
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