Characteristics of an Emotionally immature person

Some Characteristics of an Emotionally Immature Person

1. Takes everything personally, overly sensitive, and cannot take constructive criticism.

2. Seeks immediate gratification. Yields to immediate pleasure and avoids unpleasant but necessary tasks and responsibilities.

3. Because of the above, unable to stick with a job until it is finished.

4. Blames everyone and everything (other than him or herself) for personal failures and mistakes. Never accepts responsibility.

5. Demands the world cater to his or her every desire. Makes statements such as, He (she, it) makes me mad. I cant stand it when he (she, it) does…

6. Tries to control others rather than control themselves. Manipulates others by saying things like, Im offended when you… Controls people by making them feel guilty.

7. When the victim of a perceived injustice, seeks revenge rather than understanding, compromise, and problem solving.

8. Yields to temptation. Cannot carry money without spending it. Never satisfied with enough, but always wants more.

9. Constantly complaining. Always focuses on the negative.

10. Impatient. Grows irritable if he or she doesnt get their way now.

11. Fails to see the needs of others. Only interested in him or herself.

12. Cannot be counted on to do their duty without being supervised.

13. Panics in a crisis. Believes him or herself to be a victim. Expects to berescued by others.

14. Doesnt reflect on the consequences of their behavior.

15. Plagued by self-doubt, anxiety, and worry.

16. Tends to see things in black and white, not in shades of gray. (Youre either for me or against me.)

17. Is needy. Clings to every relationship and is devastated when one falls apart.

18. Uncomfortable with change and uncertainty. Seeks security.

19. Oversteps the boundaries of others while demanding that his or hers be respected.

20. Easily stressed and cannot cope with or manage lifes challenges


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