10 Rules to Follow Before Giving a Speech


From 5 tips to present like Steve Jobs and what you can do in the first 60 seconds of a presentation to aid your ability to persuade to the art of telling stories through presentations, we’ve talked a lot about presentations.

To this growing pool of advice we can add Seymour Schulich’s Ten Rules to Utilize found in Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons:

1. Be Brief:

People’s attention span is limited. Nobody ever complained about a speech being too short! Tell your audience right up front how long the speech is going to run. This signals how long they’ll have to pay attention.

2. Try to communicate one main idea:

A common mistake is trying to pack into a speech four or five ideas. People are likely to remember only one idea, theme, or concept.

3. Create a surprise:

People love to be surprised. As I got…

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