Why An Evolutionary Flaw Stops Your Students from Thinking

Class Hacker

Thinking is a lot more difficult than you realize.

Here’s why:

Our biggest problem with thinking is that our thought processes match our evolution:

first survival, then social, and finally problem solving.

Your brain is organized to minimize threat and maximize reward. Think of them as a toward (reward) and an away (threat) response. And everything in our environment causes one of these responses.


Here’s the Deal:

Simplistic as it sounds, this is truly the number one aspect of interactions with students that needs to be remembered.[i]

These rewards and threats guide much of behavior and unconscious thinking processes.

These threats could be real or imagined. Your brain doesn’t know the difference. They are processed the same way and your brain’s reaction to them is the same.


It gets worse:

Our brain walks us towards rewards, but sprints us away from threats. As Jonathan Haidt put…

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