ANIMAL TESTING – Is it really necessary?
BEST FRIEND – Talk about best friends and true friends.
COMPUTER GAMES – Do you like them, and why are they so popular?
DAILY ROUTINE – Do you need one, do you have one, and do you like it?
DISASTER – Disaster can happen anytime, so what can we learn from it?
DREAMS – What are your dreams – sleeping or waking?
HAPPINESS – What makes you happy?
HERO – Who you admire and what being a hero really means.
HOME – Is home a place, or also a state of mind?
LEARNING LANGUAGE – Can we really all speak together in one language?
LOOKS – It’s important how you look, but can you see the inside as well?
MARRIAGE – Your views on the institution of marriage.
FAVORITE MOVIE – What’s your favortie movie?
NUCLEAR POWER – Are the benefits worth the risks?
PET SHOP – What’s happening with people and their pets?!
SHOPPING – Shopping is everywhere, but do you like shopping?
SPACE – We all live in space, what should we do with it?
SPORTS – Great exercise, but are they as fun to watch?
TELEVISION – Most of us like it, and watch a lot of it. What do you think?
TESTS – What do you feel about school and tests?
TRANSPORTATION – Modern transportation and how it affects all our lives.
TV VIOLENCE – How much does TV violence affect our behaviour?
UFOs – Do you believe there is really something else out there?
UNIQUENESS – What makes you unique?
UNIVERSITY – How important is university to you?

writing organisers for ESO and Bach

  1. cause and effect chart
  2. business_letter_idea organiser
  3. businessletter_checklist
  4. businessletter_sample
  5. character trait chart
  6. compare and contrast sample paper
  7. comparecontrast_ideas organisers
  8. compare-contrast_-checklist
  9. how to write and article sample paper
  10. how to write an article idea organiser
  11. how to write and article checklist
  12. persuasive writing sample
  13. Persuasive writing organiser
  14. Persuasive writing check list
  15. Venn diagram for writing

writing assignments and tips

  1. writing about holidays
  2. How to Write an accomplishment essay 
  3. Persuasive writing
  4. Procedure 
  5. description
  6. How to Write a Script
  7. Write a composition  about  one of the questions below
  8. State the problem
  9. writing environment
  10. writing activities- MODEL WRITING
  11. writing a letter for a job
  12. The cause and effect essay
  13. persuasive writing
  14. writing a letter giving advice
  15. letter of complaint