Practise your English through videoclips
Webinairs from the Iatelf Conference
Listening thru lyrics
Film clips for listening practice
Ken Robinson animation: Changing education
Alice: the moviestory
The weather forecast
Videoclips and song lyrics
Podcasts from Catalonia Today
Howard Gardner video on Emotional Intelligence (staff)
Online educational programmes
Online dictations.
21 English-speaking accents
Songs with subtitles
Explaining Emotional Intelligence with  transcripts (Staff)
The skill of thinking by Edward de Bono.  Transcript. (Staff)
One Laptop per child by Nicholas Negroponte. (Staff)
Listenings with scripts : song lyrics, stories, features, poetry.
Film trailers with a summary, script, links, levels and a cloze test.
Songs, Jokes, Grammar revision for your students’ ipods. (Secondary)
Download and listen to English anywhere. (Secondary)
A plethora of   listening exercises
Listening activities  for  all (Batx. & Adults)

Conversational English (Bat. & Adults)


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