Cartoon: Cameron Leaves Daughter At Pub

Mac cartoon 12-6-12

This cartoon by Mac from The Daily Mail relates to news that David Cameron accidentally left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy at a pub two months ago. The Guardian reports:

The Camerons had been having Sunday lunch with two other families before the mix-up. When the prime minister left the pub with his bodyguards in one car, he believed their daughter Nancy was with his wife and their two other children in a different car. Mrs Cameron, meanwhile, thought her eldest daughter was with her father. The mistake was discovered only when they got back to Chequers.

A trivial story, you may think, but it has been widely reported in the international press, with attention focusing on whether Cameron should receive criticism or sympathy for the blunder.

In the cartoon we see Cameron’s daughter in the pub lecturing a group of bored customers about the economy. One of them comments, ‘I hope Cameron collects her soon. She’s been droning on about the Eurozone crisis for half an hour now.’ Like father, like daughter!

1. If you say that someone drones on about something, you mean that they keep talking about it in a boring way.
2. The man leaning against the bar on the left is the landlord, the owner or manager of the pub.

Note the use of the present perfect continuous + for to refer to an action that began in the past and continues into the present.

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