This lesson is designed around a short film from Avalon directed by Barry Levinson and an infographic titled The Advantages of Learning Languages by Kaplan . The lesson encourages students to overcome the difficulties of learning English and to find strategies and tools which help them in their language learning.
“This English is very difficult. I never realised how difficult English is.”

Ask your students if they agree with the quote. If they agree, ask them in what ways they think English is difficult. Write what your students consider to be the main difficulties on the board. Next put them in small groups and ask them how they could overcome each difficulty. For example, if students say they find pronunciation difficult, ask them how they could improve their pronunciation. You may also like to suggest strategies such as watching films and TV series in English to help them improve their pronunication.

Try to get them to come up with ideas and strategies for overcoming the difficulties of English. Help them to see that there are a wealth of strategies and resources to help them in their English language learning.