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Over the past 30 years, there have been many attempts by teachers to change
their classroom practice so that their students in pre-K–high school classrooms
become better thinkers. These efforts rest on the belief that better thinking
–including especially critical and creative thinking– will lead to enhanced
learning in school and, in broader terms, to better lives outside of school, and
even to a much better world around us. These are not new ideas; they have been
around since the days of Socrates, repeated by John Locke, by J.J. Rousseau,
and, in the 20th Century, by John Dewey. They are, indeed, very compelling
This keynote will explore what we now know about how this enterprise can work
effectively through a look into Spanish classrooms that have turned learning
around by infusing instruction in skillful thinking into content teaching. Based
on this, a constructive framework for teaching students to be better thinkers
and better learners will be developed. The following specific questions will be
addressed and answered.
• What is it that we need to teach when we teach students in ways aimed at
improving their thinking?
• How can we teach these infused into regular content instruction so that
student learning is enhanced?
• How can we help students so that they make these improvements in their
thinking and learning regular and habitual?
Throughout we will explore the connection between basic thinking skills and the
more specific competencies that are the basis of educational reform efforts in the
European community.

NCTT is dedicated to providing programs of excellence for K – 12 schools and colleges in the US and around the world. We offer programs on teaching and assessing skillful thinking infused into standard content instruction with an emphasis on teaching and assessing the skills of critical and creative thinking.


NCTT ha entrenando a profesores y educadores de escuelas  y universidades alrededor del mundo en la enseñanza y aprendizaje basados en el pensamiento crítico y creativo (TBL).  Esta instrucción consiste en la infusión de la enseñanza del pensamiento crítico  y creativo en la instrucción del contenido. En otras palabras, el profesor enseña a sus alumnos a pensar y a aprender con destreza los conocimientos de la materia estudiada en clase, aplicando técnicas y hábitos del pensamiento necesarios para desarrollar  en el alumno esta capacidad.




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